5 Definitive ways to use the zoom app on firestick TV

zoom app on firestck TV
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Currently, in corona, pandemic digitalization gets massive growth due to work from Home.

Also, due to Online tuition, video conference, meeting zoom getting huge responses.

But Still,

Sometimes we missed and thought about if the screen size is big to understand the online presentation better. That time Firestick comes in role to get a bigger screen for a better experience.

So today, I will be explaining to you how We install the zoom app on firestick TV, how to cast zoom using firestick from window 10, android,iPhone, and mac book.

Method of using zoom app on firestick TV

The requirement for using zoom tv using Firestick

Before we proceed with step by step of installing zoom cloud meetings on your FireStick. a few requirements are necessary to access this video conferencing app.

  • TV with HDMI supported.
  • Firestick
  • Make sure you have already setup firestick on your TV,
  • camera, so your bosses, colleagues, faculties, and friends can see your handsome and beautiful face during a videoconference.

Definitive methods to install zoom in your Firestick

You do not need to access Zoom App with the help of any third-party downloading process. It is now officially available on Amazon App Store.

  • Go to Setting
  • Navigate & click on My Fire TV
  • Click on Apps From Unknown Sources
Fire TV Unknown Sources
  • Go to the search bar and type downloader.
  • Click on Downloader.
  • now go to the Downloader dashboard
firestick downloader app
  • Wait until completes the downloading and installing process required for Downloader.
  • after getting notification of installation complete,
  • Click Here to Download ZOOM APP.
download zoom app on firestick tv
  • Click on download
  • Go to download to install the Zoom app using firestick.

Installing Zoom App In FireStick using PC

  • You will quickly download and install the zoom app in your Firestick using your PC.
  • go to amazon.com in your browser
  • login to your amazon.com account using your Firestick
  • now search for zoom app in the search menu
  • select zoom app and click on the get application button
  • Now Pop-up of installation comes, select your firestick device
  • Wait until download and installation are done in your Firestick.

That’s it.

Different Method to use zoom app with the help of Firestick

  • Is the Zoom app an excellent option for cast meetings?

       Yes, Because they offer an outstanding feature in the free version.

So Here we go,

Setup zoom App account

  •  Click here and make an account. If you are a person of Zoom, skip this section and move to the next segment.
  •  Go to the Zoom site. Click on Sign in to log in to your accounts.
sing in zoom app
  • Now in a digital movie collecting room, Select invite was around the bottom of the display.
  • By default, you’re going to be in the Messenger window.
  • In the Event, You already possess a Contact listing. So, pick the individual that you need to join the assembly and Click invite.
zoom cloud meeting invite
  • Additionally, You can choose the email tab to deliver an invitation.
  •  Now, all you’ve got to do would be to await the recipients to combine your session.
  •  As soon as you’re done and would like to terminate the session, then pick the end meeting alternative, present the below.

Setup the Zoom app on Firestick

  • First of all, Firestick should be plug into your television.
  • Open and launch Zoom Cloud Meetings App in FireStick.
  • Login to your Zoom App and proceed.
  • It will give New Meeting, Join, Calendar, and Share Screen options at the first visit.
  • Select New Meeting to schedule your cloud meetings.
  • Once you are online, click on the Participants to invite people to attend your meetings.
  • You can Join meetings if you have an ID meeting. Specify the ID to join.
  • There is an end button that you can click to leave the meeting.

Use Zoom app without a camera using window 10(Cast using firestick)

  • connect Firestick and PC to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Wait for a couple of seconds to Let your Firestick appear in the list of gadgets you’re able to connect to.
  •  Now navigate to the notification icon on your Windows 10.
  • It was located at the bottom Of your display, close to the time and date display.
  • When Your Firestick’s title Appears, click it.

Once both your Firestick and PC are connected, it’ll be shown as connected, signaling the link was successful.

From here,

It is possible to conduct the Zoom app from your PC to initiate the meeting.

Cast a Zoom Meeting to TV With Help of MacBook

  • We’ll be using Mac’s inbuilt feature “AirPlay.”
  •  Follow these steps to access AirPlay.
  •  Open Mac and go to System Preferences
  •  Select Displays
  • Wait and Check Show Mirroring options in the menu bar. In addition, the Mac will show the AirPlay icon on the top menu bar when a device is available for Cast.
  • Tap AirPlay and select the Firestick device from the drop-down box to start screen mirroring.

That’s it.

Your Macbook screen will be mirrored to your TV screen through Amazon Firestick.

How to Cast a Zoom Meeting with the help of HDMI-Cable?

It might occur that you don’t possess a Firestick or some other streaming apparatus.

  • Things to do in this kind of circumstance.
  •  Well, do not worry, since you’re still able to mirror your Zoom session in the PC into the TV with the HDMI cable.
  •  Just join The HDMI cable using your Personal computer to the TV and change your TV source to the HDMI interface with the remote.

Note:- Performance was not exactly that you get in Firestick

Cast Zoom meetings on Firestick Using Android

Casting Zoom from an Android device is the same as Casting most Android apps. You need to mirror your entire device to the Firestick.

Keep in mind that,

The steps will slightly vary from device to device.

  • Open the Notification Panel By scrolling to the top.
  • Click on the icon that says Cast, Mirror, or anything similar.
  • Wait patiently for it to scan for available devices. Then, click on the title of this Firestick to connect.
  • Your Android apparatus will now Appear on your TV.
  • Open Zoom from the Android device to watch it on the big screen.
  • Place your phone/tablet in front of the TV so that others can see you as well.

Cast Zoom meetings on Firestick Using iPhone

  • Apple doesn’t allow us to cast to a Firestick for security purposes. So we’ll have to go with a third-party app. 
  • We’ll be installing an app called AirPlayMirror Receiver.
  • It’s paid, but you can use a trial version of the app.
  • Install AirPlayMirror Receiver on your Firestick. We won’t be needing to install anything on the iPhone/iPad.
  • To start mirroring from iPhone to Fire TV, enable AirPlay on your device and select the AirPlayMirror receiver from the list.

The Bottom Line

the bottom line

So there are different methods to use the zoom app with the help of firestick. Now it’s your turn to implement them.

After that, your next step.

Let me know which technique you will be trying and also tell me which you like more.

So ready to use the zoom app on your TV Big screen.

Leave a comment below right now.



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