9+ Absolute Ways To Fix Utorrent Not Downloading Problem

9+ Absolute ways to fix Utorrent not downloading
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uTorrent is one of the most favorite torrent file downloaders. uTorrent helps you to download large files quickly & effectively.


Many users report problems while downloading, such as Utorrent stuck on the connecting to peer error & Utorrent not downloading problem.

The uTorrent stuck on connecting to peer error means a user can’t start download files from uTorrent.

For troubleshooting, we advise trying to check download other files that have more seed.

After that, You can quickly identify that problem in your torrent file or your torrent software. Then, after identifying the problem below, we provide solutions step by step.

uTorrent not downloading

Updating utorrent for solving the problem

After the first step of troubleshooting, you should need to make sure that your Torrent is updated or not.

If not, first, you need to update. It takes only a few minutes, and 80% of the problem is solved after updating yours.

Remove the restriction for Utorrent from the Firewall

The problem of Utorrent not downloading was due to a system or network firewall. Therefore, we need to make sure that the Firewall or your third-party antivirus is not blocking Utorrent.

uTorrent has inbuilt when you install Utorrent setup. It will automatically add an exception for uTorrent in Windows Firewall, so if you have no idea.


Trying to allow your uTorrent to run through Windows Firewall.

  • Type Firewall in the search bar and navigate to Firewall & network protection.
Firewall & network protection
  • Click on the Allow an app through the Firewall.
bypass app from Firewall & network protection.
  • Click on the Change settings button.
  • Scroll down find to mark both Public and Domain and save your settings.

Now relaunch Utorrent and check working or not. If not, the following next step will probably solve your problem.

Remove restriction for Utorrent from your Antivirus

Many bugs and loopholes were created or found by hackers & experts in the digital world daily.

To secure our system, we need an antivirus app that has lots of features & is doing an excellent job.

Still, for that, they take over control of your Windows Firewall. They may block your uTorrent, thus causing uTorrent not downloading issues.

In the next step of troubleshooting, we need to check if your antivirus blocked your Utorrent or not. So for that below, we provide the best running antivirus official guidance link. so you quickly get rid of if your antivirus blocked Utorrent.

Then relaunch your Torrent and check whether the download is working or not.

Run test from Utorrent settings

When your Utorrent app is stuck connecting to peers, there could be a problem with your network configuration or maybe ports not working.

To fix we perform a quick run test, so follow the below step.

  • Open Your uTorrent client 
  • Now navigate to options and Go to the setup guide.
Utorrent run test
  • Click on Run test

Now Utorrent checks your network and automatically does its setting if any problem exists. Finally, press save and close to save any recommended changes in configuration by Utorrent.

Relaunch Utorrent to check download working or not. If you still have not downloaded it, then proceed to the next step will solve your problem.

Note:- Before clicking on a run test, make sure you enable the checkbox of network & bandwidth.

Update Tracker and deleting app data

If your uTorrent is stuck connecting to peers, it can temporarily hold your download caused by outdated seeders or trackers.

  • Open Utorrent 
  • Right-click and select the Update tracker. (Utorrent immediately checks for more peers).
  • Now go to the windows search bar and type %AppData%
  • After that, please open it
  • Search for the Utorrent folder
  • in that Utorrent folder. You have to delete some stuff. Don’t worry. These are temp files
  • The files you must delete here are : (If you have old .dat files delete them too
  • settings.dat
  • settings.dat old
  • updates.dat
  • updates.dat old
  • dhs.dat
  • dhs.dat old

Then restart the Utorrent application and see it works!

Forcefully Change Utorrent protocol encryption.

Some configurations of the Utorrent will interrupt your internet connection.

That’s why,

Maybe these were the reasons behind the Utorrent not downloading problem we need to follow the below step to solve this issue.

  • Go to Options & navigate to Preferences.
  • On the left panel Select BitTorrent.
Utorrent Protocol Encryption section
  • Now under the Protocol Encryption section, change the Outgoing Option from Disabled to Forced.

Relaunch uTorrent to check if the download is working or not. If you still have not downloaded it, then let’s try the following method & also your luck.

Enable UPnP & NAT-PMP port mapping

Your network router has inbuilt port forwarding options like UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) and NAT-PMP (Network Port Mapping Protocol)

You can take advantage of these to forward bypass firewall restrictions and connect your PC to torrent seeders and downloaders automatically.

  • Go to Options  & navigate to  Preferences.
  • Go to the Connection.
Enable UPnP & NAT-PMP port mapping
  • Now check both Enable UPnP port mapping and Enable NAT-PMP port mapping, allowing you to connect directly to the seeders and then click OK.

Note:-By Default, in New router, UPnP and NAT-PMP might be disabled. You can check the Router’s manual or search how to enable them.

After following the above step, if your problem is not solved next, we need to check if there is any problem with your Router or not.  

Remove restrict for Utorrent from Router

Remove restrict for Utorrent from Router

As we know, Router also has its Operating System, security firewall & little ram. So we need to check Firewall & OS, RAM.

Then first, we target the security firewall of your Router to check if your problem is solved or not. Router firewall comes with three-level security.

  • low
  • Medium & 
  • high

Pre default comes with a low setting, but if the user or during any problem, if you or your isp operator changes your Router setting Low to medium or high. Then, there may be chances of Utorrent blocked by your router firewall.  

If you are not aware, may you try checking your router manual or official website to support or get help from your ISP operator? 

After that, relaunch your Torrent and check whether the download is working or not. 

Now Next,  

We need to check RAM, and the easiest step is to check if a ram is to restart your Router due to insufficient little ram. So, after the restart, your ram was clear. 

Then relaunch your Torrent and check whether the download is working or not.

Make your BitTorrent Server Network friendly Using VPN

utorrent not downloading so make it VPN friendly

Many users prefer to use VPN(a virtual private network) to bypass  ISP restriction and maintain their anonymity while downloading illegal sharing content from Torrent.


We also need to know that some starter or new companies share their data & updates on torrents due to a lack of servers or reduced server cost.

Unfortunately, not all VPN are equal. They leak your data, spy on your devices, and not give you speed for download, so you need to take care while using VPN.        

Before purchasing any VPN, you need a point to consider that VPN  giving you end-to-end encryption, so your ISP could not track your data. No log policies, so no one can track your record of what you are surfing on the internet. So we generally prefer you to try EXPRESS VPN, Windscribe VPN & Nord VPN.

So you only need to first connect to a different location and then start your Utorrent, resume download & enjoy.

Changing Maximum Download rate-limiting in Utorrent

Next, we are trying to change the bandwidth download limit to the maximum in the Utorrent app.

  • Open Utorrent 
  • Select bandwidth
  • Go to Maximum download rate-limiting was pre-default set to 0:unlimited.

You can change the speed limit according to your internet plan.

Find High seed and verified Downloadable Torrent file

After using the above-all method still, your download does not start; then, it might be your torrent file dead (no Seeds).

Because Torrent downloading was based on Peers to Peers connection (downloading files from already downloaded files to other computers).

The seeds decrease, and the Torrent file becomes no more available.

It was the possible reason that now you are no longer able to download.

You can also be trying some alternative torrent file that has always verified their seed.

The website list was giving below.

  • The Pirate Bay 
  • YTS 
  • 1337x
  • Torrentz2

Important note

Don’t forget to keep your PC safe while using uTorrent, especially while you’re downloading torrent files from unknown sources that you don’t fully trust. 

You should consider using Malwarebytes & Kaspersky antivirus(which free version also available). 

The Bottom line

the bottom line

So there are  9+ absolute ways to fix Utorrent not downloading problems. Now it’s your turn to implement them.

After that, your next step.

Let me know which method you will be trying and also tell me which method works for you.

As per our user’s experience, the first trying to update Utorrent are solved most of 90% of the user’s problems.

So ready to use Utorrent with highspeed download speed.

Leave a comment below right now.



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