3+ Quick fix methods of USB device not recognized in windows and Macos

3+ Quick fix methods of USB device not recognized in windows and Macos3+ Quick fix methods of USB device not recognized in windows and Macos
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How are you Friends, hope you all are well so. Today, we discuss problems regarding the USB device not recognized, or the problem of the USB sticks not readable; before some days, I am also facing this issue.

I am trying some methods to solve this problem. We decided to further deep discussion and refer in general to the problem. The error ” USB device not recognized ” appears when we connect a mobile phone, a Pendrive, or any other device to the computer via USB but is not correctly detected by the computer.

usb device not recognized

Causes of the problem “USB device not recognized”

Before seeing the possible solutions to the error “USB device not recognized,” it is important to understand the causes of the problem. Below we briefly list the main causes:

  1. USB ports not active or not working
  2. USB drivers not updated
  3. OS (operating system)not updated
  4. Broken USB device
  5. Corrupt USB device firmware

How to fix the "USB device not recognized" problem on Windows

Here are 4 possible solutions to the problem, in case you have a Windows PC. Try them!

Troubleshoot USB problems

  • Connect the USB device to the computer
  • Access the “My Computer” icon on the desktop, and inside it, you should see, among the various disks, the “Removable Disk” item. Right-clicking on it opens this menu:
usb device not recognized
  • From the menu that appears, click on “Properties,” and then the following window opens:
usb device not recognized
  • Click on “Tools” and then click on the “Check Now” button to access the function to check and resolve any device problems. Click on “Start” to proceed with the verification
usb device not recognized

USB reformatting

Another solution is to format the USB device, this obviously will lead to the deletion of the data, but you can still try to recover them through Data Recovery. To format the device, here are the steps to follow:

  •  Right-click on the device disk and then click on ” Format. “ This window opens:
usb device not recognized


usb device not recognized

Drivers update

Updating the drivers could also solve the problem of the USB device not recognized. To do this, here are the steps to follow:

  • Click on the search icon at the bottom left of your PC and then type the command devmgmt.msc:
usb device not recognized
  • The device management screen will open:
usb device not recognized
  • Look for the item “Universal Serial Bus controllers”:
usb device not recognized
  • The list of connected USB devices will open. Right-click on the one that presents the detection problems and then click on “Update Driver”:
usb device not recognized

Windows update

This solution may fix the problem in case you haven’t made Windows updates.

  • Log in to the control panel and then to System and Security
usb device not recognized
  • Select the “Check for Updates” link
usb device not recognized
  • The following screen will open. You will need to click Install Updates to proceed.
usb device not recognized

How to Troubleshoot USB device not recognized on Mac OSX

Here are some solutions that Mac OS X users could try to detect their unrecognized USB devices.

Manual connection

  • Go to Applications> Utilities
  • Under “Devices,” you will have to select the “Ask what to do” option and select the USB device
usb device not recognized
  • Access the menu devices> external devices to connect the device to the USB port manually:
usb device not recognized

Reset RPAM on Mac OS

  • Press the keys, as shown in the image below, to reset the RPAM:
usb device not recognized

Formatting the USB device on Mac

  • Press command + space bar to access the applications folder after inserting the USB device.
usb device not recognized
  • The USB device to be repaired is located on the left of the panel
usb device not recognized
  • Click on the “ Erase ” button to proceed with the formatting:
usb device not recognized

History of USB

It is called Universal Serial Bus, but we all know it merely as USB. It is the interconnection standard for the transport of data – today also energy and video flows – which has been with us for over 20 years

The Universal Serial Bus (USB) standard officially debuted in 1996 – development started two years earlier – and is currently managed by the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF). We actually owe it to a collection of seven companies: Compaq, DEC, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, NEC, and Nortel.

 The goal was to create a single connector to connect various external devices to the PC, obviously ensuring greater ease of use than previous solutions and higher speeds.

Ajay Bhatt(Intel designer), the person, has developed the USB standard.

History OF USB


How to fix a USB Device not recognized by window 10?


After the above information, you should understand different ways to solve USB not recognized problem for Both window & mac. I hope after reading you all USB Not recognized problem was solved . For more questions and inquiries, let us know in the comments section below!



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