The Definitive guide: 3+ Snapchat quick add removing technique

Snapchat Quick add
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Snapchat’s “Quick Add” feature helped users find their friends, and it was a great way to meet new people on social platforms.


Sometimes, the Snapchat quick add feature is annoying because of the too-long friend list.

First of all, It is a core feature of Snapchat that cannot be turned off completely.

 But below, We are showing some steps to get rid of quick add by using different techniques.

Snapchat quick add feature is the same that you heard on Facebook People You May Know feature.

Snapchat algorithm is still not transparent, so not all the suggestions are worth taking into account. That’s why the Quick add feature is generally full of friends of friends.

Snapchat Guide

How does Snapchat Quick add suggestion work?

  • Quick add suggestions are generally getting from your phone, giving access to the Snapchat app.
  • Quick add list is showing as per your and your friend’s mutual friends.
  • List basis on your work and home location as you are giving location access in your mobile.
  • As you access the contact list on your phone, they suggest Snapchat users from the contact list.
  • Recently joined Snapchat in your location. From your friend’s stories

Remove a person from quick add

  • You click on the X icon, it will remove a person from your quick add suggestion list.
  •  In a quick add, you will see the X icon right of the +ADD button.

remove friend from quick add
  • After that, this person was not seen in your quick add suggestion.

Remove yourself from people's quick add

  • clicking on the profile picture was in the top-left corner.

snapchat profile
  •    In your profile, click on the right top gear icon.

snapchat quick add gear icon
  • In the who can section select see me in Quick add.

see me in quick add
  • Turn off show me in quick-add right side toggle to stop people show your profile in quick add suggestion.

snapchat show me quick add

This method only prevents your account from popping up in other people’s lists.

Disable Snapchat quick add notification

  • Clicking on the profile picture was in the top-left corner.
  •   In your profile, click on the right top gear icon.

  • Now in the setting, go to the notification.

snapchat notification
  • In the notification, the 3rd option available was friend suggestion.
friend suggestion
  •  Untick fried suggestion.

  • Now your friend’s suggestion notification is turned off.


Most frequent questions and answers
  •  If you have turned off the ‘Quick Add,’ the only two reasons people are still finding you on Snapchat are as follows.
  • You might have mutual friends who might be sharing your Snapchat username with other friends.
  •  For people who would have your cell phone number saved in their contacts, if they would go to Snapchat’s ‘Add Friends’ section and then ‘My Contacts,’ it would show them the option to add you on Snapchat, and they can add you from there.
  •  Once you save someone’s cell phone number or someone saves your cell phone number on their phone, Snapchat would update and show you the list of people in your contacts who are on Snapchat.

  • There is the possible reason you cannot see your friend’s snap score that they are no longer your friend in Snapchat, or maybe some technical issue in a server during that period.
  • You are probably trying to check your internet and update or reinstall the snapchat app.
  • You only see your friend when you both add each other in the snapchat app.
  • Whenever any Snapchat user adds you, a simple notification appears in the Add friend menu’s pending section.

The Bottom Line

After applying all these techniques, your quick add problem is reduced. Remember, as I mentioned before, its core feature like facebook people may know, you cannot completely eliminate this until now. In the future, if any update comes, we definitely update.



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