Netflix test speed: internet speed for 4K Streaming

Netflix Internet speed test
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As now the internet world, we know when we talk about online video streaming at that time internet speed played an important we need to check Netflix test speed.

 Suppose you don’t have good internet speed and it is only enough for playing HD video. In that case, it’s useless to pay your hard-earned money to buy a Netflix 4k Ultra HD plan.

 To enjoy a pleasant viewing of your favorite Netflix series in real-time or save it and watch later, you need to make sure that the Internet in your home is high-speed. But if you do not know how to do this, take it easy, and then explain how to perform the Netflix speed test.

Netflix speed test

To know whether your bandwidth is good or not, due to the poor performance of the platform in streaming, there is a simple test that you can pass to check Netflix speed and avoid doubt. Suppose it turns out that your connection is to blame for this low resolution.

Then we will show you how to find out if your Internet connection is working at the proper level to avoid possible problems with Netflix transmission.

Recommended Netflix speed

Netflix Internet speed test

Before completing the steps necessary to run the Netflix speed test, we must first analyze the results we can expect. Put, the average download speed in the United States is 94 Mbps, according to Ookla, i.e., twice as fast as the world average.

 This is more than enough for the simultaneous streaming of two 4K Ultra HD programs over the same Wi-Fi network, each of which requires exactly 25 Mbps for uninterrupted operation.

However, most households in neighborhoods tend to receive about a third of the national average (30 Mbps) for distribution between different devices that use the network at any given time.

This bandwidth is enough to stream a program in 4K Ultra HD to a TV.  Get speeds below 10 Mbit / s and simultaneously use the Internet on more than one device. It will be difficult for you to transfer something in Full HD, and it will be much higher if it is 4K Ultra HD.

Here are the download speeds that Netflix recommends for transfer:

SD : 3 Mbps

Full HD: 5 Mbps

4K Ultra HD: 25 Mbps

Netflix Speed test

Many devices had to check your connection speed within the Netflix app.

Follow the below step to check your internet speed

  • First, go to the Netflix home screen.
  • Navigate up and Go to Settings or the gear icon.
  • Select Check your Network.
  • The Netflix app will check and verify that you can connect to the internet and reach the servers. It will also check your connection speed.
  • Once the test is complete, ensure that your speed is given below.


If you are using a mobile device or computer, please visit to test your speed.

If you do not see the gear icon, your device does not support this feature.

the bottom line

If the speed is much lower than you expected (for example, you may need to take action with a loss of more than 10 Mbps). Fortunately, now you have an idea about everything you can do to get Netflix back to speed and deliver 4K Ultra HD content in normal mode.

Just keep in mind that if the problem is related to local speed during rush hours, you can do nothing but contact your Internet service provider and Enjoy your favorite show.



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