Paypal error: We’re sorry. We’re not able to process your request right now. Please try again later

paypal error we're sorry.
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You are getting the error; We’re sorry. We’re not able to process your request right now. Please try again later, generally while adding debit or credit card and doing some transaction.

We're sorry. We're not able to process your request right now. Please try again later

This error is common, and after doing useful research to Ridout this error and here below, we provide possible reasons with a solution. Also, I advise you that don’t use the same card in multiple accounts.

The possible reason of We're sorry. We're not able to process your request right now. Please try again later error occurring

  • Your account still not validate by Paypal.
  • May Paypal not confirm or any issue with your email address and physical address.
  •  If you already have one Paypal account and try your card to link with another PayPal account, you get this error message.
  • Suppose you use a Maestro card link to your PayPal account. Sometimes a problem with the Maestro card that the card issuer denied for the authorization charge.
  • Paypal does not accept a Payoneer card, and you are trying to add a Payoneer card as a bank account.
  • The card linked to your Paypal account in the past, you had a request for authorization charge, and you are not conforming in  6 months, then the system has put a block.

  • The billing address is different from your Paypal account of the same card.

a preferable solution to get rid of this error

There is no clear way to fix this error. However, you should try the following steps:

  • ensure that you have validated your Paypal account.
  • Make sure you have removed an old expired card from your Paypal accounts.

  • Removed that email address account you have no longer used in Paypal.
  •  Removed no longer used physical address from Paypal.

  • Always trying to make your PayPal account clean by removing unused details(card, address, contact detail)that make your account look spammy.
  • For card problems, first I advise you to call your bank customer support line.

  • They’ll tell you why you’re unable to add the card to your account.

  •  If the problem is still not solved, you contact the Paypal customer support team.

proven way to solved error using a business account

This method only works for a Business account. It won’t work for a personal account.

  • Login to your account and click on the setting gear icon. 
paypal error
  • Now go to account setting.
  •  Scroll down click in business profile >Money banks and cards.
business profile
  • Click on Add bank account.
add bank account
  • Click on a business account.
  • Enter required bank account details and click on agree and add.

personal or business
  • Now click on submit pre-approved payment instruction.
  • Now Paypal sends a confirmation code to your bank account mobile number.

confirmation code
  • Enter a confirmation code and click on confirm.

  • Now you can do transactions using Paypal.

Pro Tip:-

you have to ensure that the billing address you’re entering against the card is in the same format as you entered on your PayPal account before picking up the phone from Paypal customer care.

The bottom line

From the above Following reason, you know why you get this error, and also get a possible solution to this error. For reading more related articles, join us.



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