9+ Definitive ways to fix laptop shutting down randomly error

laptop shutting down randomly
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You are working on your pc, and the laptop shutting down randomly. It was frustrating.

But you need to think about why my pc turnoff without giving a warning?

For route cause analysis,

You first need to know why your pc shut down and how much possibility you are solving this problem on your own.

There could be many reasons like overheating, hardware failure, outdated driver and malicious file, and many more we will describe below & the best solution for you.

fix for laptop shutting down error

Solution for Dirty fan & overheating issue

One of the most likely reasons your computer or laptop shuts off randomly, especially when you’re playing a game, is overheating.

The reason behind overheating was your laptop fans stop working and not able to generate proper airflow to cool down your processor.

clean dirty fan

This is such a common issue because most computers now have a built-in mechanism that will shut off your computer if any components become too hot.

For a laptop shuts down randomly,

You’ll want to look at your graphic card fan, case fans, and processor fan and take a proper time to clean the components.

They can be covered with dust & dirt that makes it hard for the computer to cool itself.

You’ll also need to check out the vents for the laptop and make sure that there is proper ventilation available.

Note:- Do not put your laptop on a blanket or pillow. Instead, you should put on a table or where good ventilation available.

Hardware Failure in Motherboard & CPU

Another most common reason for a random shutdown of your computer is a hardware components failure.

Hardware Failure means one or more components in your laptop stop working. It could be possible that the component disconnected from your motherboard or simply stops working because it has damaged.

A more straightforward way to check for hardware errors is to go to the Device Manager and see if it reports any errors. The highlighted hardware error.

The computer keeps shutting down due to hardware problems, and this includes physical damage to internal components.

Note:- It is hard to do so yourself for a laptop, and we’d recommend getting it done at a service center. .

Removing malicious virus Infect your PC

As we know, the virus was significant damage as it runs in the background of your computer.

Some of the dangerous computer viruses will shut off your computer and then turn it back on. So It’s necessary to remove malicious viruses from our computer.

Still, sometimes,

Underrated antivirus does not show us the virus running on our computer. 

I know you are thinking about why your antivirus does not show us the virus. Because those new viruses are still not identified by your antivirus company, may you not update your antivirus regularly. 

Right Now, I like to suggest that you use Malwarebytes or Kaspersky to remove the virus from your computer. 

You can use Malwarebytes with your antivirus. It will not conflict with the antivirus you have on your computer.

Remove & clean Ram from the motherboard

After perform above step if you still facing same error than next step is cleaning RAM.

  • Now open your CPU & laptop.
  • Then go to the RAM and open it.
RAM cleaning
  • Now clean ram slot with help of eraser to remove dirty residual.
  • Now re-fix RAM.

Now Restart your pc & check random shutdown problem solved or not.

Update your Outdated, missing & crashing device driver

Generally incompatible and outdated driver cause for laptop & PC random shutdown error.

If you have recently installed any software, they also reason for the random shutdown of your PC. In addition, any specific driver also crash shuts your pc.

For the driver crashing solution, the simplest way to check is to Go to the Device Manager and check out all devices if a dangerous triangle sign indicates an error in the driver or hardware.

device manager

Suppose you doubt any driver was outdated and not compatible(including crashing driver).

In that case,

I recommend you go through the driver pack solution or your motherboard & laptop manufacture support website to get updated drivers.

Tweaking windows power management

We have a few tweaks for advanced power settings that are worth trying.

  •  Right-click on Start & open Power Settings.
  • Click on your default power plan and select Change plan settings.
change power setting
  • Click on the Change advanced power settings.
  • Navigate to the Processor power management.

advanced power setting
  • Change the value 100 to 0 in the Minimum processor state.
  • Now, navigate to Hard Disk, then Turn off the hard disk after and reduce the value until it shows Never.
  •  So it goes both for plugged in and on battery for laptops.
  • Save changes and exit.

Note:- Have in mind that you’ll need the administrative permissions to perform them. 

An identified problem in Faulty Charger, Battery Or Power Supply

Most devices come with a specific charging rating, while different battery types have different voltage rating specifications.

If you are using a different charger rather than comes with your laptop may creating a problem of battery and motherboard damage. 

But suppose you are a gamer, and your laptop shut down randomly while playing games at higher FPS at performance mode.

In that case, that will directly impact your PSU and battery. So then shut down only when you are playing games. So that was probably the reason.

For a laptop, you can be trying to discharge power from the motherboard that may solve your problem, so follow bellow step,

  • Turnoff Pc
  • Remove the battery of your laptop.
  • Now click & hold the power button for 15 seconds.
  • Now again, fit the battery and power on your laptop.

Troubleshooting a battery-related problem

  • First, record time after Turn on how much time your laptop shut down. 
  • Now, Turn off the window & Remove the battery from your laptop.
  • Plugin the charger in the laptop to check your laptop status.
  • Keep your charger plugged wait as per the timing you have recorded when your laptop shuts down.
  • If it sustains for more than your recorded time, that means you don’t have any problem with your laptop.
  • Now you will replace battery & laptop problem will be solved.

Troubleshooting a PSU-related problem

For pc, it happened when your CPU consuming more than 90% power of PSU rated power.

Also, point to be noted that the fan is running at top speed whenever you case temperature increase.

You are trying to reduce the load if your PSU has no sufficient power rating than your usage.

In some cases, the user using a different brand adapter or different model adapter also caused that laptop to shut down randomly.

  • In some cases, the user connects an adapter from a different brand or the power adapter of a different model of the same brand.

  • Then, it causes a problem for the laptop as the input and output power of the adapter has to be equal.

  • The voltage and current of your adapter should have to be at least the same output rating as your old adapter.

  • If the power of the adapter doesn’t match, it causes damage to your laptop. Which directly impacts your battery, and in the worse scenario, it was a damaged motherboard.

  •  It’s recommended to buy the same rating AC and DC power adapter. Also, compare the output and input power of the new adapter compare it with your old adapter.

Disable Fast startup of window

The main reason for the fast startup is reducing the booting time of a computer when you turn on a PC & laptop.

But sometimes,

A window also stops some critical features provided by your brand firmware & driver.

However, before the shutdown completing, the current system state gets saved in the hibernation file.

As a result, windows don’t need to load the kernel, system files, and drivers again when you boot your PC. Instead, windows read the hibernation file to refresh the RAM and significantly reduces the bootup time.


This feature speeds up the booting process but makes your system unstable, leading to several issues and even turn off your laptop randomly.

These problems facing on devices that do not support sleep or hibernation mode. So follow this step to disable fast startup,

Follow below Steps to Disable Fast Startup in Windows 10:

  • Go to the Control Panel > Power Options.
  • Next, select Choose what the power button does on the left side of the current window.
  • We have to turn off this feature in the settings, but it is unavailable due to its admin privileges.
disable fast startup
  • To disable fast startup, click on Change settings that are currently unavailable.
  • Now untick the box of Turn on fast startup (recommended).
  • Finally, click on Save changes.

Turning off Fast Startup could help you eliminate the problem of random PC turns offs.

Factory Reset your Windows to its Original State

When you’ve exhausted all options in trying to fix a major issue with Windows.

The last option available on your hand to reset Windows to the original state your PC had right out of the box.

  • Click the Start button, then select Settings from the menu.
  • In setting go to Update & security.
  • Choose Recovery on the left.
reset window to its original state
  • On the top right, click Get started under Reset this PC.

In the new window that opens, choose if you want to keep your files or remove everything.

Keep my files should not delete any personal files. But this will remove all applications you’ve installed, as well as all settings you’ve changed.

You will be given a shortlist of programs Windows can find that will be removed, reminding you that you’ll need to re-install them after the Reset if you want to use those programs.

Click Next when you are ready to begin.

window reset
  • Remove everything will delete your files, applications you’ve installed, and all settings will be set to their default values.
  • You’ll be presented with options just to remove files or clean the drive.
  • If you’re keeping the computer and are not worried about someone attempting to retrieve data from the drive, select Just remove my files.
  • Choose Remove files and clean the drive will make it much harder to retrieve anything. This process will take a very long time to complete.
  • Once you make your choice, you will be given a final list of what will be done. Click Reset when you are ready.

After that, there is no chance to retrieve anything removed during the reset process. So please make sure your backups are up to date before pressing Reset.

Once you click Reset, the process will start. Your computer will reboot and give you the progress of the Reset at the bottom.

Get service laptop with professional for laptop shutting down randomly

After performing all the above steps, if your problem is still not solved, your laptop may need proper maintenance. 

Without getting a service, laptops getting problems with battery problems, overheating & performance. Get your laptop servicing by a professional will eliminate most of the common issues related to your laptop.

Also solved the computer keeps shutting down problems and any other performance issues.

The Bottom Line

the bottom line

So there are different Steps to identified & solving pc & laptop random shutdown problems.

Now it’s your Turn to implement them.

After that, your next step.

Let me know which method you will be trying and tell me which method works for you.

As per my experience, after cleaning the CPU, you are almost rid of your problems.

So ready to solve laptop & pc suddenly shuts off the problem.

Leave a comment below right now.



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