9+ best free proxy search engines in 2021

Proxy search engines
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In the internet generation, anyone can find out what you do online you can hear about free proxy search engines. When you connect to an insecure website, marketers, hackers, and government organizations can quickly track your activity, like where you are and what device you use. 

This information can be used to show you targeted ads and block access to certain content.

Web proxies protect your privacy and help you avoid restrictions that may be imposed by government organizations, form directors, educational institutions, and other institutions. 

In any case,

A web proxy will help make the Internet free and anonymous for you again, as it should be.

Proxy Search Engine List

How a proxy protects you?

When you use a web proxy, your request to any website is filtered using a web form or a web browser extension. 

The proxy service acts as an intermediary. It is he who receives your request, finds the necessary information on the Internet, and then returns it back to you.

Without such an intermediary, connecting between your computer and a website is like an open book. 

But you have an intermediary, and

Now interested third parties cannot see which parties are exchanging data.

The website “sees” that the request comes from a proxy service and not from your computer. Personal data identifying you (for example, IP address) does not reach the other side.

If you cannot understand who you are, the website cannot determine whether you are “allowed” to access it

Even if your government blocks some websites, this can only be done for citizens within the country. But if the website “sees” that you want to access it from another country, most likely it will miss you.

Thus, a proxy can ensure your security if you are punished in your country for viewing any Internet content. It is important to note that the proxy server itself can offer only essential protection

As a rule, they have few IP addresses, easily blocked if recognized as proxy server addresses.

Feature of the free proxy search engines

Free web proxies have their limitations. But this is a good option for those who need anonymity for a short period or one-time access to blocked content.

Of course, some proxies are better than others. It would be best to look for information about different proxies before you decide which one to use. Always give preference to services with an excellent reputation. 

Unknown or unproven proxies may not work at all as described in the advertising description and sometimes even expose your device to the risk of virus infection.

The first thing you should pay attention to when choosing a free web proxy is the number and variety of servers. If the choice is vast, then your connection is less likely to be interrupted. And suppose some of the available servers are located near you. In that case, the speed of your Internet connection is likely to be higher.

Not all proxies publish detailed information about their servers; however, they do not entirely discard this option. Suppose the experience of other users with this provider is primarily positive. In that case, you can let the service choose for you.

Another point that you should pay attention to while choosing a web proxy is easy to configure.

Many web proxies on this list use extra protection by encrypting URL links and content on the page.

Many of them will allow you to dam scripts and objects that increase the danger of viral infection. Some also disable cookies to attenuate the number of files in your request history.

Any good web proxy will combat the role of intermediary while you browse websites online. But only a couple of services will provide you with additional services and masking your IP address.

Such tools will help you get the most out of your web proxy, and you will not need to buy quality protection.

 Of course,

These same tools become even more vital if you turn to a paid tariff. And if you would like to possess the most straightforward protection on all fronts, nothing can surpass the tested VPN service.

Limitation of free proxies

No matter what free web proxy you choose, the additional features in it are just a bonus. And they are usually severely limited. You may, for example,

 you can block only a particular number of cookies. Suppose you block some elements of the website. In their case, this may offer you additional protection, but the location itself may begin to display incorrectly.

Even worse (and this, I need to say, maybe a common problem for proxies, especially free ones), you’ll encounter traffic restrictions. If you would like to urge round-the-clock protection from snooping, hackers and viruses, you should upgrade to the paid version. And it is best to buy a VPN service rather than a proxy.

Proxies will cope well with various firewalls and gain access to blocked content. But they do not guarantee protection from snooping by hackers or your Internet service provider. 

There’s an opportunity that free proxies themselves will track your online activity, albeit only partially! Premium VPN services (such as NordVPN ) adhere to a strict, codeless policy. And Nord, I need to say, is one of our most excellent recommendations when evaluating the service’s standard as an entire.

Also, with a VPN, you don’t have to manually route all your traffic through the service. Using a proxy service, you will go to the company’s site each time and enter the URL site. With a VPN, you can simply install an application on your device that will start working automatically.

More advanced VPN services protect users even when they connect to the Internet through third-party applications and not just through a web browser. 

A web browser these days is definitely not the only application that needs protection. But it is precisely on it that the chances of most free web proxies end.

Premium VPN services such as NordVPN offer all users a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you’ll try the advanced protection without risking anything.

The best free proxies on the Internet

Despite its disadvantages, a free proxy could also be quite enough for you. If so, then you’ve got an ethical choice.

We checked out the reviews and tested a number of the proxy services ourselves.

1. KProxy

kproxy free proxy search engines

This seems to be the only free proxy service that is most recommended. This does not mean that it is the best, but it definitely suits most users in most cases.

KProxy offers you a choice of 10 servers. You can manually select from them, as well as change servers at any time. Accordingly, if the connection to one of them is interrupted, you can still count on protection. 

There are no artificial restrictions on connection speed, like some proxies. KProxy also has a good reputation – it really helps to avoid tracking and blocking by websites and Internet providers.

You can access KProxy servers directly through the provider’s website or download extensions for a web browser (Firefox or Chrome).

2. ProxySite


This free web proxy also gives the user the ability to manually switch between servers. The provider offers twice as many servers as Kproxy.

You can enable ProxySite to automatically select servers in the USA and EU countries. If you encounter any problems, you can always manually check all the servers one by one. However, the servers’ exact locations are not indicated, so you cannot know precisely how they will affect your Internet connection.

ProxySite tested for compatibility with YouTube.The service’s main page has even buttons that lead to popular sites like Reddit, Twitter, etc.

ProxySite is well designed to keep your everyday online business anonymous.

3. Hide.me

Hide. me

This option also often appears in the best lists, although the service’s functionality is quite limited. Hide. I do not work with YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest.

 It has servers in only three regions, with which the IP addresses of users are masked. Fortunately, these shortcomings are offset by advanced protection.

Hide. I will give you the ability to disable cookies, scripts, and objects on any website. The proxy will hide your IP address and encrypt the data and ensure that the URL becomes inactive after the end of each session.

This web proxy does not save databases and IP addresses, so you can be sure that they will not fall into the hands of hackers or marketers. This is a good option for those who are more interested in online security than in entertainment. Hide. I also provide users with VPN services in addition to the ability to use proxies.

4. HMA


This web proxy gives users the ability to connect to a random server or choose one of six on their own. These servers are located in opposite parts of the United States and in four different countries in Europe. For such a small number of servers, geographic coverage is just up to par.

The HMA proxy service also provides three connection configuration options. You’ll encrypt URLs, disable cookies, and block scripts. Except for this, you, of course, will need to issue a paid subscription to the HMA VPN (on the service website, you’ll see such a suggestion, and quite once).

5. Hidester


According to the latest user reviews, the Hidester service has a good reputation and is famous for its reliability. You can’t say whether the provider will maintain this reputation because the service is relatively young.

For the time being, it is instead an excellent alternative to the more mature services from this list. Hidester owns its own servers located in the USA and Europe. Access to them is protected by 128-bit encryption and SSL security protocol.

The service protects even the data of free users, but, to say nothing, paid subscribers to get access to literally hundreds of servers.

Hidester also offers several free tools additionally to web proxies. Among them are a reliable password generator and testing for DNS leaks.

All these can be the main advantages for users who want to protect themselves online.

6. Anonymouse


If Hidester is a new player in the industry, then Anonymouse, on the contrary, has become a real veteran. The service has been operating since 1997 and is still on the list of the most reliable proxy services.

The Anonymouse main page clearly shows what kind of data an attacker can see when you connect to any website without protection. Here you can compare yourself to what strangers see if you connect to websites through this proxy. But the service itself chooses a proxy for you, so you just have to trust the provider.

Tests have shown that actually finding the proxy that you use with Anonymouse is quite simple. Alas, security is not at the highest level here. However, the service is trying to improve. Paid subscribers can use encryption via the SSL security protocol, and Anonymous recently launched its own VPN service.

Anonymouse can also be used to anonymously send emails and post messages and posts to newsgroups. We can safely say that the service continues to be a unique phenomenon even after all this time.

7. Megaproxy


Compared to some free proxies, Megaproxy servers are harder to detect for attackers. And this is often even without additional protection for the paid version!

To use Megaproxy, you need to install a toolbar to enter the website address and redirect its connection through proxy servers. This work format is very convenient; you can easily switch between normal and secure browsing modes of websites.

Unfortunately, there is a moment that can become critical for free users. The Megaproxy service has a limit for free users: 60 website visits in one five-hour period. Also, the proxy encrypts only 20 cookies at a time. However, even so, you will have additional protection that not all free web proxies can offer.

8. NewIPNow


This service honestly warns users about its limitations. The site explicitly states that free proxies may not be compatible with certain websites. Such directness and honesty inspire confidence.

Speaking of truthful and accurate information: the NewIPNow service shows the approximate connection speed for each of its servers that you can connect to.

You will have a choice of about a dozen servers, but most of them are located in the United States. However, users can still count on a new IP address for each Internet session.

You can use NewIPNow services on the site or through the extension for Firefox. There are available paid options that promise one hundred percent compatibility. 

If you encounter any problems, you can always contact the technical support service.

9. 4everproxy


Before connecting to 4everproxy, you can select the server and IP address. At first, you will have about 10 options to choose from, and then even more. 

Trying different options, you can find the perfect balance between security and connection speed.

In any case, speed should not be a problem. Each server of the 4everproxy runs at a speed of 1 gigabit per second. Each connection can also be protected with SSL security protocol, blocking cookies and scripts.

10. ProxFree


With seven servers in North America and four in Europe, this web proxy guarantees good geographical coverage and reliable protection. First, you select a server, and then you are connected to the fastest IP pool available. It can also be configured manually.

ProxFree can also be configured, like most free web proxies. Encryption using the SSL security protocol is enabled by default.

That is, you can disable it. Here you can enable or disable the deletion of scripts, objects, cookies, and page headers. 

You can also disable the referrer and user-agent headers. therefore the website you visited won’t know what you clicked on before and which device you’re using.

The bottom line

After getting details, you easily get the best free proxy search engine list and according to your need what best for you still if you have not satisfied then you need to switch to paid VPN service with no-log features like Express VPN, Windscribe & Nordvpn.



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