5 Quickest Way for Autohide Window Taskbar

Autohide window taskbar
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How you guys today I am showing some tips about how to make autohide window taskbar. For explaining that we share numbers of methods to try and implement them to solve your problem. When I start watching a video and make a full-screen image – at the bottom, there is a panel with all the icons and the START menu.

Previously, it was always hidden automatically, but now it is not. It seems that there are no errors as such, but this moment is very annoying and interferes with the normal viewing of films. By the way, this is also observed in Chrome when trying to watch videos on the Internet.

Quick Taskbar Auto hide Guide

Methods to make autohide window taskbar

This happens, apparently, because some applications blocked the panel in the good old days so that the user could see blinking messages and notifications. Due to compatibility this possibility (you can already call it a mini-problem) is valid now, and so far, it has not been fixed. I’ll give a solution below

Using File Explorer

The easiest and most effective way to hide the taskbar when watching a full-screen video restart Explorer. It is done like this:

  • Press the key combination Ctrl + Shift + Esc (this is a call to the task manager).
  • Then in the “Processes” tab (it is active by default), find “Explorer,” right-click on it, and select the “Restart” function from the menu.
Autohide Window taskbar
  • In general, after such a simple procedure, everything should work as expected. True, in many cases (as noted by users) until the next restart of the computer. Therefore, I recommend that you familiarize yourself with other ways.

Using Window 10 Inbuild feature

Windows 10 has a feature such as automatically hiding the taskbar. Those. You won’t see it until you bring it to the bottom edge of the screen with your mouse (by the way, in many cases, it’s very convenient, it allows you to expand the space of the working part of the screen).

To enable this function, right-click on a space in the taskbar, select “Options” in the menu that appears.

window taskbar auto-hide

Next, enable a couple of options:

  1. automatically hide the taskbar in desktop mode.
  2. Automatically hide the taskbar in tablet mode.

Actually, you can remove the panel from the eyes out of sight and hearts out in such a simple way.

window taskbar auto-hide

By Removing the Taskbar from Bottom

The taskbar can be removed from the bottom of the screen and moved left / right or up. If you have a screen for viewing a video (widescreen monitor) – in some cases, it is very convenient to place the taskbar, for example, on the left.

By the way, in this case – many note that the panel always minimizes and does not interfere with watching videos or games.

How to do it:

  • First, right-click on an empty spot on the panel. In the menu that appears, uncheck the panel.
  • Then hold the left mouse button on the panel and drag the pointer to the left, right, or top of the screen – the panel will be there.
window taskbar auto-hide

By Using Personalization Menu

As a completely working option – you can change the theme installed by default in Windows 10.

To do this, go to the Windows settings (a combination of Win + I buttons  ), and then open the “Personalization” tab.

Note:- You can also right-click on an empty place on the Desktop – and select “Personalization” in the menu that appears.

By Using Keyboard Shortcut

And one more working and quick option. Try pressing the following keyboard shortcuts:

  • Win + B  – this forces you to show the taskbar in Windows (for example, if you have it hidden). In our case, it’s the other way around. Nevertheless, by clicking this combination, we help applications and Windows call the procedure for redrawing the window (which includes the taskbar), which solves the problem.
  • Win + T  – switch between the taskbar icons.

The Bottom Line

Now you know the five quickest ways to hide the taskbar, so you do not distract from your work or watching a movie on your PC.for reading more articles, please check out the below article.



I’m Gaurang Machhi – a Blogger, marketer, and Engineer who teaches people to solve technical problems and learn the latest tips & hacks. I am always passionate about searching online for new technology.

When I’m not working, I like to chill out with a good podcast, a good video game, or a good science fiction web series. My favorite web series is lost in space & favorite movie was Star Trek trilogy. I love planning, self-improvement, and watching a good thriller.

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